A sorcerer's apprentice

The two views of the universe of Drug Discovery
Adapted from the DDT paper (Drug Discovery Today. 2007; 12: 995-997)

This section derives its title from an article that was published in Drug Discovery Today in 2007 to commemorate the publication of Lipinski's Rule of Five (Ro5) in the professional literature of drug discovery. The title of the article is A Sorcerer's apprentice and the rule of 5: from rule-of-thumb to commandment and beyond. (Drug Discovery Today. 2007; 12: 995-997). It is a reflective, quasi-philosophical essay about the impact of the Ro5 in drug discovery during the last ten years.

"I am not a medical doctor nor am I a savvy drug-discoverer; I am just an apprentice. However, I suggest that ten years after the publication of the Ro5, it might be time for a collective reflection."

In the essay, it is argued that the status of drug discovery as a science is similar to the state of Astronomy before the formulation of the Kepler's laws of planetary motion. There are plenty of databases containing the chemical and affinity data (Ki, IC50 and related quantities) of a limited set of chemical entities toward the corresponding molecular (biological) targets. However, knowledge of the underlying laws that govern the connection between the two domains is rather limited. Further, it is argued that we need to seek a different set of variables that will permit a more robust set of optimization criteria for navigating in the drug-discovery space.

In a similar vein, this section of the site will be devoted to posting brief essays or op-ed pieces related to drug discovery issues. A bit of humor and irony will also be considered and posted as long as it is relevant to the issues discussed. This section could evolve into a blog commenting on current issues related to Drug Discovery using a lighter tone of presentation and dialog. However, in the near future, brief, well reasoned arguments and pieces will be favored.

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