bernal's picasso

This section refers to a couple of plays that I have written as part of the activities as a science communicator, using drama, as in 'scientific drama' to educate the lay public and also to make them aware and participate in the process of scientific discovery as a creative activity comparable to the Arts in its various manifestations.

Bernal's Picasso

Picasso Mural

A snapshot of the staged reading of Bernal's Picasso at the Advanced photon Source, May 4, 2008. J. D. Bernal (right) and Rosalind D. Franklin in action. Female with white dress is the character Art and male with the black suit is Science.

(Authors: Cele Abad-Zapatero and Jill Campbell, Directed by Gregory Gerhard).
This is play that grew out of my interest of preparing a piece in the interface of the Sciences and the Arts. It is based on a historic and real encounter between J. D. Bernal (a prominent pioneer of the use of X-ray Diffraction to study biological molecules) and no other than Pablo R. Picasso, the most prominent artist of the 20th century. This play brought together in addition to the main characters J.B.J. Fourier, W.L Bragg and Rosalind Franklin. The play has been read in academic settings in the US and in Spain and staged read at Advanced Photon Source in May, 2008 as part of the User's week. The play is still under development in the English version and a Spanish adaptation is planned. I am seeking financial support to complete the English version and also to translate and adapt the text to a version in Spanish.

Details of this play are available in the links found below in the corresponding sections.

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Magic Bullets (author: Cele Abad-Zapatero)
This other script is less 'polished' and continues to be developed. It centers around the issue of educating the public about technical and human dramas related with the discovery, design and synthesis of medicinal drugs: i.e., drugs used for therapeutic purposes. Characters of this play are L. Pasteur, R. Fleming, P. Erlich and others. This plays has not been read or staged yet but is available to academic groups, if they have any interests for reading and or further development. If you have any interest, please, contact me at the addresses given in the contact section.

If you are interested in reading any of these two scripts, either for personal use, class use or for other purpose, contact me and I am sure that we can reach an agreement on the terms and conditions. My objective is to use them for educational purposes or for production for as wide an audience as possible.